Spiral Aluminum earrings

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• Aluminum.
• Stainless steel ear wires.
• Lightweight.
• Length: 2" from the piercing.

These shiny and lightweight earrings were handcrafted from thick aluminum wire, and then tumbled for greater shine and strength. The ear wires are solid stainless steel. They hang about " from the piercing (the spiral itself is about 1.5" long) and are approximately 1" wide. The pair you receive will vary slightly from the pair in the photos due to the handmade nature but will be very similar. Seriously lightweight, and seriously shiny!! 

**A NOTE: Your aluminum jewelry has been hammered and tumbled to help it retain it's shape, however if you try to bend it or it gets squished, it will bend. Do not place your wire wrapped jewelry in a purse or pocket. ;)

aluminum spiral earrings / Pillar of Salt Studio wire wrapped jewelry